“We believe that the children, families, staff and the community are important components that
make up Annabelle Child Care Centre.

At Annabelle Child Centre we see children as unique and capable individuals, who come to our Service with their own interests, talents, skills and ideas. We as Educators value, respect and appreciate this uniqueness. We believe children are active participants in their learning and learn by discovering, exploring and asking questions, which empowers them to construct their own knowledge and express their views/ ideas. As we unpack the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) we will work alongside the child to actively promote children’s learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions that foster high-level thinking skills.

We feel that a meaningful, integrated, emergent curriculum using the Early Years Learning Framework -  Belonging, Being and Becoming and  The School Aged Care Learning Framework - My Time, Our Place  is the most beneficial to children’s learning across all developmental domains. Our programs reflect planned and spontaneous experiences, designed to support children’s development in all areas. We implement this through a flexible program that is based on children’s observations, interests, intentional teaching, Family involvement and reflection. Daily observations, work samples and photos are methods used to record children’s progress.

We acknowledge and respect that each child is part of a family with values, beliefs and cultures, and that is why we are committed to open and constructive communication with families. We value the roles of families and we encourage them to share meaningful ideas, knowledge and experiences on a regular basis. We aim to involve all families into all aspects of the program development and implementation.  We strive to develop positive, mutually respectful relationships with each family member, as we work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for all.

We are committed to employing Educators that have passion and motivation to work with children and families.  We believe that Educators need to work towards building good relationships with children, families and also between themselves via open communication, trust and respect. We value Educators input and their opinions and beliefs, and we support this via discussions on a daily basis and planned staff meetings where they can share in decision making issues and obtain feedback.  We support Educators in keeping up to date with the early childhood education via offering professional development opportunities

We believe that the environment plays an important role in enhancing children’s learning and development. Our Educators recognise the importance of providing a safe, secure, homelike and consistent environment that supports trust and familiarity as well as active exploration of learning. Our learning environments are welcoming spaces when they reflect and enrich the lives and identities of children and families participating in the setting and respond to their interests and needs. We will cater for different capacities and learning styles and invite children and families to contribute ideas, interests and questions (EYLF)

We strive to be a centre of excellence for early childhood education within our community by adhering to all legislations, regulations and to the National Quality Standards (2018).  We believe Annabelle Child Care Centre has an important function to play in the community which is to provide children and families with information and support and provide a service which is reflective of their needs.  A Service where community resources/events are utilised effectively, to enhance the growth and development of individual children, families and Educators.